“greyscale photography of a boxer inside ring” by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the amount of respect I have for the many content creators of the world. Whether your medium is photography, film, television, social media, writing, drawing, painting…the list goes on and on. If you are trying to make a living through a creative medium you are no doubt facing an enormous amount of rejection, criticism, and straight up failure!

Just yesterday I had two auditions, and both were unsuccessful. And I don’t mean that I did poorly, I just mean that neither audition landed me a job. But… I was extremely successful in showing up, giving them my all, and leaving the room a stronger person than when I entered it.

See, each time you create something and share it with the world, you’ve succeeded! Whether this article garners any attention or not doesn’t measure its success. The success is in using my talents and sharing a piece of my heart with the world. The success is in being vulnerable and telling my story to anyone that’s willing to listen.

The biggest mistake I make as an artist is comparing myself to my peers. You see a fellow actor sharing stories on Instagram of their first day of rehearsal on a new show and for an instant, you are hyperaware of your lack of work. It’s hard not to judge yourself when you see your peers succeeding and you’re still just auditioning, holding out for that one yes that will eventually come…you hope.

But is that really why I’m an actor? Am I simply working toward that one yes? Does THAT define my success as an artist? NOOOO!

I’m an actor because I love telling stories, I love connecting with an audience. I love rousing their emotions, provoking thought, inspiring vulnerability, and uniting a room full of people. If I am not booking commercial theatre gigs, then the next best option for me is to tell my own stories! I try to do it on here sometimes, but it’s not enough!

I need to continue to push myself beyond my comfort zone and past the limitations, I place on myself. I need to let go of fear and the notion that failure is defined by doing, but rather by a lack of doing! I’m failing right now only because I’m not creating anything!

If you’re a dreamer like me, and you feel like you’re stuck in a rut… I encourage you to look for inspiration in the many content creators that are floating all around us! See what they’re doing, enjoy their work, tell them when you like something they’ve created! We are all made of stardust, we all breathe in the same air, we are all linked to one another. Though our idols may seem more successful than us, they struggle with all the same things we do. They were once in our shoes!

Stop waiting for something to fall into your lap. Take control of your life. If you aren’t getting work, make your own. You have the power to create your own destiny. You are responsible for realizing your own personal legend. Chin up. I know you have more fight in you! Fight for what you want in this life. I’m beside you fighting that same fight. I respect you, and I love you for being brave. I love you for believing in yourself and believing in your dream. Keep going, you’re almost there! ❤

31, Toronto-Canada, LGBTQ+, Actor, Singer, Writer, Lover!❤

31, Toronto-Canada, LGBTQ+, Actor, Singer, Writer, Lover!❤