JFK Library and Memorial, Photo: Matthew Villemaire (me)

I should have written this blog like 3 months ago when I got back from my trip, but clearly, that didn’t happen… so here we are!

In June, I had the privilege of spending a week in the incredible downtown of Boston, Massachusetts. I went into the week with pretty…

My entire life, I’ve been acutely aware of one of my greatest attributes, which also doubles as one of my greatest downfalls: I’m a highly-sensitive individual.

Photography by Ian Brown

I’ve always been extremely empathetic and attuned to other’s emotions. If my mother was upset about something, I could sense it without her even…

“A person sitting on a picnic table next to his bicycle at the University of Alberta” by Ezra Jeffrey on Unsplash

ost days, I’m surrounded by human beings. Whether it’s at home- with my three roommates, on the subway- heading downtown, or at work-bartending for large parties, I’m constantly around others. It brings me comfort, I love connecting with people every day. However, it can also be exhausting, at times.


Matthew Villemaire

31, Toronto-Canada, LGBTQ+, Actor, Singer, Writer, Lover!❤

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